Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Kits to Heart. Your support will help to bring smiles and solidarity to those affected by cancer. Items contributed are included in our cancer care kits distributed to patients nationwide and are eligible for community service hours.

Please follow these 6 steps to ensure a successful volunteer experience with Kits to Heart!

Step 1

Decide which activities you would like to work on, and read the instructions using the links below.

✍️ Handwritten Inspiring Letters

🕊 Origami - CLOSED

👯‍♀️ Friendship Bracelets

😷 Cloth Face Masks

🛍 Crochet/Knit Bags

📔 Handmade Art Journals

🛌 No-Sew Fleece Blankets

♥️ Heart Pillows

🧸 Care Bear Towels - CLOSED

🎁 Kit Assembly (In Person)

😋 Food and Supply Drive

Step 2

Start working! All opportunities are ongoing and conducted remotely with no immediate deadlines, unless otherwise noted.

Step 3

Once finished, please type or print clearly on a sheet of paper with the following:

  1. Full Name of Volunteer(s)
  2. Email(s)
  3. Quantity of Items
  4. School (if applicable)
  5. Mailing Address (for a thank you note from us!)

Step 4

Package your items in one box or bag with the information above. In the spirit of being eco-friendly, please avoid Ziploc bags and try to minimize packaging.

Step 5

Mail your package to:

Kits to Heart
6941 Crossfield Ct
Clarksville, MD 21029

To drop off at the same address:

Leave the items at the front door at any time. Outside of business hours is okay.

Step 6

Please read the FAQs below, and wait for at least one week for your submission to be acknowledged via email (check your spam folder!). We work on a volunteer basis and appreciate your patience. Thank you!

🎖 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Do I need to email you to express interest in any opportunities?

A: No, simply send your items in with the information requested above, and we will confirm via email within a week of receiving them! Please check your spam folder. 

Q: Do I need to send you a form to receive service hours?

A: We have the service forms for students at Montgomery County Public Schools, Howard County Public Schools, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, and Bishop McNamara High School. If you attend those schools, you do not need to send us your form, because we will email you a signed copy to complete within a week of receiving the items. Students from all other schools requesting hours should share the appropriate form or verification method by emailing volunteer@kitstoheart.org.

Q: How do I submit the completed form to my school?

A: After you receive an email acknowledgement from us, please follow the instructions from your school/county for submitting the service form. If you attend MCPS, you generally can email the completed form directly to your school’s SSL coordinator. Learn more about MCPS Student Service Learning (SSL).

Q: Am I still able to submit items after an opportunity is closed?

A: Only if you started working on them before it closed. Unless you need the hours immediately, then we recommend holding on to your items for a few more months and check back here to see when the activity opens up again to submit. You are still welcome to submit them now, if needed. Opportunities will always open again and are only closed to give us some time to distribute them to patients before receiving more.

Q: I submitted my items. Where is my service form?

A: Thank you! Please wait for at least one week before asking us for your form. Check your spam folder and add volunteer@kitstoheart.org as a contact to ensure you receive our confirmation. Your patience is greatly appreciated!

Q: How do I start a Kits to Heart club at my school?

A: If you are interested in leading service projects to help the community, while gaining résumé experience, please fill out this interest form, and we will get back to you!

Q: Is it possible to suggest a new activity for service hours?

A: Yes! Please share any new project ideas by emailing volunteer@kitstoheart.org.

Q: What are your greatest needs?

A: In addition to any of the open opportunities, we need your help to raise awareness about our cause and fundraise! Help host a birthday/holiday fundraiser for Kits to Heart, and share about our work through social media. In terms of items, please consider purchasing directly using these links:

Q: How do I learn more about your organization?

A: Sign up for our mailing list at the bottom of our homepage to check out your impact! You can also follow and tag us on social media @kitstoheart.

We look forward to receiving and sharing your work with our recipients!