Kits to Heart gives free cancer care kits to patients and families.

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To bring smiles and solidarity to those affected by cancer, one kit at a time.


To provide adequate material and psychosocial support to help reduce stress and anxiety for a better treatment process.

About the Founder

Sonia Su is the founder and executive director of Kits to Heart. She was diagnosed in January 2018 with an aggressive type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Over the course of a year, she relapsed twice and received her last treatment in March 2019, when she was admitted for CAR T-cell immunotherapy. Sonia was so surprised to see a sweet care package left on her hospital bed from a former patient, resolving to pay the kindness forward. During spring 2020, Sonia spent her final semester of graduate school at Georgetown University to launch Kits to Heart.

Sonia is a 2020-21 Ulman Foundation GameChanger honoree, serves as a First Connection volunteer for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and is a Matt Kurtz Kindness Award recipient.

Sonia can be reached at sonia@kitstoheart.org.

About the Organization 

Take it from a three-time cancer survivor: The cancer journey is often a lonely one—full of anxiety, distress, and uncertainty. Yet, well-intentioned friends and family have no idea what to offer to cancer patients, and hospitals are not able to offer adequate material and psychosocial resources during and after treatments.

Founded in May 2020, Kits to Heart distributes thoughtfully designed, curated cancer care kits to hospitals and cancer centers in the Baltimore/Washington Metro Area community, as well as ships directly to patients nationwide.

Sonia uses her experiences and interactions with patients and social workers to pack the kits with informational resources and comforting products compatible with various cancer treatments. Just like receiving a care package from a survivor gave her hope and inspiration to pay it forward, we can inspire hope at the most difficult moments of treatments. Please consider supporting this cause today.

Board Members

Bailey Ames, SHIFT

Vanessa Christian, CareFirst

Kalpesh Patel, SCORE Mentor

Kevin S. Boyle, Sr., Ziopharm Oncology

Steve Mei, Secretary


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