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"Everything about what you are doing and the packages are beautiful. I received mine and the tears flowed because of your kindness. The items inside were very thoughtful and appreciated." — J.D.

"You have no idea how much joy it has brought me in my 9-year journey. The first time I felt someone really understands what it is like when I read the notes. I actually cried a bit…but happy tears." — R.M.

"My wife is currently going through breast cancer treatment and has 3 more chemos before her radiation starts. I gave her one of your kits on Friday and OMG, I haven't seen her smile that big probably all year. Among the many items in there, there were 3 different cards that were each written so beautifully. We both teared up reading them. She absolutely loves the tea and the salve is helping with her neuropathy, as her hands and feet were really affected to the point her feet are peeling very bad. Also, the knitted hat fits perfectly. She put it on right away. So, I wanted to thank you again for doing what you do. You are so thoughtful and intentional, and I am so grateful to have met you and seen firsthand the joy you bring." — L.F., caregiver

Kits to Heart cancer care kit recipient

"My husband just received his package with one of your hearts in it. It brought the biggest smile to his face. Last week was a real hard week for him and this made him feel so special and loved." — L.D.

"I gifted one of your blankets to a patient and she was soooo happy! She loved the celestial print and was very touched. The card inside is such a nice part." — F.K., nurse coordinator

"All I can say is WOW!!!!!! They overall presentation of the kit is stunning! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the personalized card saying, 'for you.' The contents are so wonderful. You and your team did an amazing job!" — J.H., patient navigator

"It touched me very much to read the handwritten notes, and that people took the time to make such sweet origami sculptures, care bears, heart pillow, and bracelets. All of the gifts included were so thoughtful. So much care, thoughtfulness, compassion, support, and hope all in one box. I know the the feelings of concern, sickness, waking up and going to bed scared, treatment discomfort, etc. Everyone has different trials and blessings in their lives, and one of my blessings happens to be an amazing support system of love, family, and friends. Even with all of that, I found the the Kits to Heart gift an incredibly heartwarming and compassionate gesture. I can only imagine what this brings to people who don't have, for whatever reason, the support system I have. Thank you to every single person involved in this beautiful and special outreach." — D.R.

"I received my kit as I waited for my PET scan to begin. This was my post-chemo PET.

I sat there with all the feelings of 'did the chemo work', 'what if it didn’t', 'can I make it through chemo again if these results are bad' and then this kit arrived. Perfect timing is an understatement. Thank you! The words ‘thank you’ do not come close to expressing how much I appreciate receiving the kit. The work you are doing is helping people, like me, an immeasurable amount." — K.P.

Kits to Heart cancer care kit recipient"You and your team have thought of everything! While I was distracted by appointments and scans, I wasn’t thinking about the practical things I’ll need for this journey." — M.M.

"I think of you and your story often. I want to throw my arms in the air and cheer for you. You give me so much hope. It's all I want for all of us warriors to be well, go out and LIVE and do amazing things as you have done. You inspire me, you remind me to remain kind and generous among hardship. And I wish I could give you a million dollars for this because it is a truly worthy cause." — A.D.

"She couldn't believe all the wonderful well thought out gifts in the kit. You guys are doing an awesome job. Please know that you are changing lives." — L.T., caregiver

"I received my sweet care package today, and I wanted to say thank you so much for all the thoughtful gifts inside. It made my day. It’s so nice to know that someone would do that for me. May God continue to bless you all and what you do. From the bottom of my heart you will never know what it meant to me! Love to you all." — L.N.

"I love every single thing in the kit but especially the letters! [The kit made me feel] very supported, loved and cared for—part of a much larger community—and very importantly, it gave me the feeling that I want to help others in the way you've helped me by contributing to the kits you share with other recipients. I best get to crafting!!! I am so touched and grateful for all the goodies I just received. The letters of encouragement brought me to tears. Everything that was made with love including the hat, pillow, bracelets, origami hearts, journals and all the practical goodies like the water bottle, chapstick, tea and ginger—every single thing that was chosen with care and made with love is so very appreciated." — K.W.

"[The best part was] how personal it was from the necessities, to the literature to the bracelets and origami. Words can't describe how much this kit meant to me. It literally brought tears to my eyes, that someone cares enough to go through all this effort. This kit truly put a smile on my face from ear to ear. Hearing the words 'You have breast cancer' is like a punch in the gut. It is feelings of how did this happen to me, or how am I going to get through it. Well, receiving a box like this really showed how people do care, and people like me can get through it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." — G.C.

"At a time when I was feeling in shock and overwhelmed by what was happening to me and what I had to look forward to in treatment, this gift box from a group I had never heard of was the most touching gesture I have received. Thank you so much for providing me with this lift." — J.E.

Kits to Heart cancer care kit recipient"Cancer and recovery from it can be a long and lonely journey. I went to get fitted for a full body compression garment for lymphedema. The appointment was held at a cancer center I had not been to before and when I walked in and saw all the the murals and pink garments etc. the flood gates opened. I got through my fitting and then the manager came to me and said she had a present for me. She handed me this box that said Kits to Heart on it. I was told the kits are made by another cancer survivor who donates the boxes to be given to all that come to the center. The box was filled with lovely products, information brochures and hand written notes from people wishing me a speedy recovery and telling me I’m not alone. This gesture touched my heart in so many ways and I felt such gratitude. I’ll never be able to fully express what this gesture of kindness did for me; it surely was the highlight of my day but in many ways it was so much more! Thank you Sonia Su for your loving kindness!💗🙏" — M.B.

"I received a surprise box from y’all and it brought a big smile to my face and made me feel a little lighter. Love the love you are spreading." — A.G.

"Thank you so much for your generosity, Sonia! Everyone who has received a Kits to Heart box has LOVED them! Keep up the great work!" — M.S., Director

"I just wanted to thank you for the special gift of Kits to Heart. It was a real surprise and I am truly touched. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. Thanks again." — P.S.

"It brightened my day, made me feel special and cared about, and the items in the kit will help ease my breast cancer journey. This is an amazing and uplifting gift for anyone fighting cancer!! Thank you so very much for what you do for cancer patients!!" — M.K.

"Every content of the kit was thoughtfully chosen to make my cancer journey easier. When you are getting ready for your first treatment there is so much coming your way not to mention the fear you are feeling. When my wife and I returned home and went through the kit, a feeling of calmness came over me. For the first time I think I realized that I am not alone in this journey and that many others have walked in my shoes and want to help. Thank you for the wonderful surprise of the kit! The work that you are doing is amazing and I know it is making a difference for people like me. I am so impressed with how you have taken a simple idea and mixed it with your own experiences and made the world a better place for cancer patients. May God bless you." — F.S.

"It was perfect! It was such a great pick-me-up to receive!" — H.C.

Kits to Heart cancer care kit recipient"I just can’t put into words what your gift means to me. I love the resources, every thoughtful item, and I am not sure why I just started crying as picking each item up again. It just really made me feel like I am not alone, but have new guides out there, and that I will be OK!" — S.P.

"The last few days have been rough. Reviewing this package today was simply amazing. Thank you for thinking of me." — S.S.

"I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am for the amazing package I received from you and your team! Thank you all so so much! Everything will come in handy and will bring me so much comfort and joy throughout the remainder of my treatment." — D.B.

"My cancer journey has been so tough. It has challenged me in more ways I thought were humanly possible. Knowing someone cares enough to send kindness in a care package means more than you’ll ever know. Thank you for spreading love and joy to others. I loved everything inside the care package!" — B.C.

"I feel so blessed to have received this care package along with a card from @littlesuecards. Everything was so well thought out and it truly made this cancer gal feel better after an extremely rough chemo recovery. ... I loved the handwritten note and brochure! I'm super excited to try out the new stuff too! ... Thank you Sonia for making my day and bringing a little bit of comfort into a time that is very uncomfortable!" — G.R.

"Thank you so much for my kit. Coming home to this after working all day and being just so exhausted was amazing. THANK YOU." —S.F.

"I loved the entire kit. Since starting treatment is a little frightening, it was so nice to receive the beautiful package from your organization. May you continue to do your wonderful work." — B.H.

"Just wanted to say thank you for this kit! It came today at the right time and made me smile. Hadn't done that all day before it arrived. Keep this up for others who are traveling this road also. I appreciate it and I'm sure anyone else would too." —H.S.

"Thank you for the beautiful package! I loved the personal notes and origami art. I just started chemo and these are such thoughtful gifts. This time is so overwhelming and these resources mean the world to me. Thanks again!" — K.J.

"It was a lovely surprise that brightened my day." — Anonymous

"Received my beautiful box this afternoon. What an absolute joy it was to receive and I love everything in it. I want to thank you for sending and know it is so appreciated. My birthday is approaching so the timing couldn't be any better. Looking forward to enjoying all my new things and know you brightened my day." — A.G.

Kits to Heart cancer care kit recipient"Patients have been loving the kits and state that it makes them feel comforted that someone cares. This patient John Crowley stated that he was stationed in Japan and felt so connected to many things in the box, including the origami and towel bear. It's his good luck charm and makes him happy. It provides him comfort that he brings it to each treatment." —S.F., social worker

"I've gotten care packs over the past few months but this one sent things I actually need and things I can use! I love the water bottle, especially. It's so handy. And the makeup is perfect and helpful as I go back to work and wanna cover up some of the fatigue look I'm currently rocking." — E.E.

"It was a box of joy I wasn't expecting which brought big smiles to my face for all of the personalization, creativity and thoughtfulness. I truly appreciate your kindness through the work you do!" — M.N.

"I loved everything in it and it made me feel so much more comfortable and not alone. I am truly inspired by your story and how strong you have been throughout your cancer journeys." — W.T.

"This really brightened the social workers days here too as it is nice to get to provide something tangible and kind amidst the heavy work they do." — L.W., patient navigator

"It came at the perfect time. Mentally I was having a rough day. ... I've been doing much better. The box really helped my long day of infusions and radiation to be much nicer." — S.K.

"I am so honored to have received one. It really brightened my day and made me cry. ... I really appreciate you." — C.M.

Kits to Heart cancer care kit recipient"No improvement needed in my eyes!!" — R.M.

"Thank you for all that you do for the patients. I will tell you the it brought a smile to my face. I am more amazed at the origami that I received. I was speaking with my sister and told her I needed to find a way to display the different origami. When I showed her everything in the box she thought that it was a great package but also showed me that my 6 year old nephew had a book on origami. I will have to show him what I was given. Thank you again!!!" — D.K.

"[The patient] was in our office last week, feeling very discouraged. She was overwhelmed with her diagnosis and was seeking information. After speaking with her a while, I gave one of your boxes of encouragement. She came back this week to thank me and tell me what a blessing it was. She didn’t know how much she needed it and loves all the items, especially the heart pillow. She might even borrow your idea since she works with seniors—she is thinking to have them create a heart to gift to someone to bring their spirits up. You do a lot of great work and you don’t always get the 'feels' when we give out the boxes. Thank you for all you do." — F.K., survivorship nurse coordinator

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