Kits to Heart cancer care kit delivery to Johns Hopkins Children's Center in Baltimore

šŸ’ To date, 4,500+ care kits have been distributed!Ā šŸ’

Kits to Heart gives curated cancer care kits and blankets to patients and caregivers of all ages currently undergoing treatments at hospitals in Maryland, D.C., Virginia, and Delaware. Kits to Heart also ships kits directly to families.

Here's the breakdown of shipments andĀ in-personĀ deliveries:

As of November 23,Ā 2022,Ā we haveĀ shipped 2,110 care kits to allĀ 50Ā U.S. states. We have also deliveredĀ 2,406 care kitsĀ and 900+Ā blankets to the following locations:

If you are a social worker requesting an in-person delivery of care kits for your patientsĀ in Maryland, D.C., or Virginia, please reach out toĀ Sonia at

Our efforts would not be possible without the incredible support of our remote volunteers.Ā Since the summer of 2020,Ā more than 3,100Ā people and groups haveĀ been working to contribute 40,000+Ā service hours and counting! Learn more about how you can serve today.

Art for Cancer Wellness

In 2022, Kits to Heart launched its innovativeĀ virtual art therapy program,Ā ļ»æArt for Cancer Wellnessļ»æ. Learn more about the program and its impact.