Heart Pillows

1 pillow = 1 service hour

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Heart pillows are ideal for those who received surgical procedures near the underarm, and can act as a protective barrier between sensitive areas and the car seatbelt. Volunteers may choose to make sewn, crocheted, or no-sew heart-shaped pillows to show patients that we care!

Feel free to Google to find other patterns! We welcome any colors and patterns and recommend a size of 9 x 9 inches, using fleece for no-sew or cotton fabric for sewn pillows. For the safety of our recipients, please use new and unused materials. Please do not superglue pillows. Pillows must be either sewn or tied following the tutorials below, without stuffing coming out.

For students seeking service hours: Photos prior to submissions are HIGHLY recommended to ensure quality work.

No-Sew Pillow Instructions (Courtesy of Moms and Crafters)


  • Two pieces of fleece per pillow
  • Poly-fil stuffing (stuffing can be purchased at retail store locations and online, including Amazon)
  • Scissors (fabric scissors are recommended)
  • Pen or marker 
  • White paper to make a template 


  • Cut a large heart-shaped template from the white paper. Make sure that it is smaller than your two pieces of fabric and small enough that it will fit inside a 12 x 10 x 4-inch box.
  • Lay the two pieces of fleece on top of each other and draw a smaller heart on top 
  • Using the smaller heart as a guide, start from the edge and cut little strips (about ½ inch wide) into the fleece. Make sure to stop cutting at the smaller heart you drew.
    • Continue until you have strips around the entire perimeter of the heart 
  • Next, take the two strips that are on top of each and tie them into a tight knot
  • IMPORTANT: Leave a 2-inch opening for the poly-fil stuffing 
  • Lastly, stuff the pillow until full and finish by tying the last few strips together 

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