Friendship Bracelets

1 bracelet = 1 service hour

Kits to Heart Friendship Bracelets

Show off your bracelet-making skills, while letting recipients know that you are rooting for them! Please use embroidery thread/floss in colors of your choice. Step-by-step tutorials and videos are available for various patterns at Bracelet Book and, which notes:

"Originally, these colorful bands were invented by native people in Central and South America. According to tradition, you tie a bracelet onto the wrist of a friend who may wish for something at that moment. The bracelet should be worn until it is totally worn-out and falls off by itself, at which moment the wish is supposed to come true."


  • Bracelets must be at least 7 inches total in length to receive service hours.
  • Complex, colorful patterns, including popular patterns such as chevron, spiral, Chinese ladder, zig zag, etc. (see YouTube tutorials below).
  • Rainbow loom bracelets are accepted though not preferred and may be rewarded up to 1 service hour.
  • Embroidered alpha bracelets or keychains, using the guide below, may be considered for up to 2 service hours. These may include cancer ribbons and encouraging words like “hope” and “love.” This does NOT include beads with letters on them.

Alpha lettering for friendship bracelets

Alpha friendship bracelet 


Kits to Heart Alpha Friendship Bracelet for Cancer Patients


We Do Not Accept

  • Beaded bracelets
  • Simple braided bracelets that are similar to easy hair braids

Suggested Resources


YouTube Tutorials
Alpha Friendship Bracelets

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