Art Journals

2 hand-binded journals = 1 service hour
4 decorated store-bought journals = 1 service hour

Craft beautiful journals that recipients would be able to use as appointment planners, symptom trackers, or simply coloring books.

The covers and perhaps a few pages inside could be spaces for volunteers to draw outlines or artwork, write inspiring messages, etc. They could be bound in a number of different ways (by strings, ropes, binder rings, etc.).


  • Well-made journals for both adult and pediatric patients to use as portable notebooks, coloring books, and/or appointment planners. Bullet journaling is welcome!
  • Artwork, hand-lettering, drawings, weekly, or monthly calendar pages, with encouraging messages
  • Suitable to fit inside a 12 x 10 x 4-inch box
  • Recommended minimum of 10 to 12 pages

We Do Not Accept

  • Stapled journals
  • Folded construction paper

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How to Submit

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