Cloth Face Masks for Cancer Patients

2 masks may receive 1 service hour

Kits to Heart Handmade Masks

Reusable, washable cloth masks can be pretty easy to make, with various options for making them. For the safety of our recipients, please use new and unused materials. Some fabric ideas:

  • Non-stretch fabric, such as lightweight denim, duck cloth, canvas, twill, or other tight-woven fabric.
  • Fabric can be cotton, a cotton-blend non-stretch fabric, or thinner and softer.


  • Adult-sized handmade masks (no limit for service hours)
  • Sewn masks, either pleated or cupped
  • Beautiful patterns using comfortable fabric

We Do Not Accept

  • Glued masks
  • Ties that use rubber bands or other uncomfortable strings
  • Baby-sized masks
  • Decorated store-bought masks
  • Tie-dyed store-bought cloth masks (you may donate store-bought disposable masks, but we are unable to give service hours)

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How to Submit

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