Crochet/Knit Bags for Cancer Patients

1 small/medium bag may receive 1 service hour
1 large bag may receive 2 service hours

Help make tote bags that patients can bring to their appointments or to shop for groceries. Feel free to use patterns that you are comfortable with and would find suitable.


Step-by-Step Crochet Tutorial for Absolute Beginners

  • Materials: “Chunky” or thick yarn is recommended (thinner just takes longer though no strong preference!); crochet hook
  • Start with this video:
    The pattern starts off with two rows of crochet in the round to make the bottom, and the rest is made using a single crochet stitch.
  • How to make the bottom:
    She shows you how to make a large flat circle, but you may stop at about 4:15 in the video and use that circle size.
  • How to make the sides:
  • How to tie it off:
  • How to make the drawstring:

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Crocheting Ideas

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How to Submit

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