Volunteer Spotlight: Winston Churchill High School

We are so excited to kick off a Q&A series with our Kits to Heart club leaders! This month, Lauren Turner and Anjali George (pictured above) at Winston Churchill High School in Potomac, MD share their experiences working with their club members.

Kits to Heart Club Chapter Q&A

Kits to Heart: What inspired you to start a KTH chapter at your school?
After doing service projects for Kits to Heart during the pandemic, we decided that this was something we wanted to continue to do and loved that we could make a difference. By starting a chapter at our school, we knew that we could make a big difference in so many people’s lives, and we knew that others would want to help, too.

KTH: What is the most rewarding part of being a leader for your chapter?
Seeing how many students show up to our meetings. Everyone was so excited to be involved and to make cards or bracelets for cancer patients and it is extremely rewarding to know that our actions can make someone smile. 

KTH: What’s your favorite project that you’ve done for KTH?
Making handmade cards. Our club members put so much effort and creativity into their cards and we were able to collect over 80 cards in one month! It was really great to see so many students so involved and eager to participate. We had more than 30 students participate in our very first meeting!

KTH: What’s a common characteristic that you see among your fellow volunteers?
Creativity! In our first meeting, we made handmade cards and our volunteers made wonderful cards! We had cards with beautiful calligraphy, jokes, drawings, and very kind messages. Our classmates are very artistic!

KTH: What have you learned during your time working with KTH?
Lauren and Anjali:
During our time working with Kits to Heart, we have learned that we are capable of making a positive impact in someone’s life. We had first volunteered with Kits to Heart to make friendship bracelets ourselves, and we are so happy to have now started WCHS Kits to Heart to include our classmates in spreading positivity though volunteering with Kits to Heart.

Many thanks to Lauren and Anjali for their amazing leadership!

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