Volunteer Spotlight: Nazareth Bonifacino Law Benefit LLC

Nazareth Bonifacino Law Benefit LLC crafting event for Kits to Heart

This month, we are so honored to feature Nazareth Bonifacino Law Benefit LLC, whose clients and referral partners joined the law firm for a fun crafting event to benefit Kits to Heart! We connected with one of the firm's partners, Ginny Cascio Bonifacino, Esq. to learn more about their experiences.

Kits to Heart: Thank you so much for all of your support! Could you please tell us more about Nazareth Bonifacino Law Benefit LLC and what made you interested in supporting Kits to Heart?
Ginny Bonifacino: We formed our law firm because we believe in lawyering for good. We made a deliberate choice to become a Benefit LLC (we believe we’re the first law firm in Maryland to have this designation) because we are driven not by just revenue, but also by the positive impact we and the clients we serve can do in our communities. We do this by being outside general counsel for businesses, nonprofits, and independent schools and colleges. It is very important to us that we also support other purpose-driven businesses and nonprofits. We choose Kits for Heart because we really liked its mission. We’ve all be touched by someone who has had cancer. Kits for Heart also aligned well with my support of artists and art organizations and Natasha’s work with students and the Asian American community.

KTH: That means so much! How was the experience for you and the crafters?
GB: We had so much fun! As adults, we do not have dedicated time to be creative. Everyone really enjoyed writing thoughtful cards and decorating the journals.

KTH: That makes us so happy to hear. What would you say you enjoyed best about volunteering for Kits to Heart?
Bringing clients and referral partners together for a joint cause. There were many touching moments when different participants would share their own experience with cancer and how much doing something active to help others was rewarding. Especially since the pandemic, it’s so important that we create safe spaces to share our common humanity in the business context.

KTH: Helping others is certainly very rewarding. Do you have any advice or suggestions for others who may be interested in these service projects?
GB: Have examples and keep it simple. There are varying levels of artistic talent and confidence. We made sure to have examples that the participants could reference. We also prepped some supplies so that they could easily put together a journal or decorate the card with ease. We also recommend having some brain food.


Great tips and thank you so very much for choosing to support Kits to Heart! 

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