Volunteer Spotlight: Richard Hong and Dennis Huynh

This month, we are proud to feature cousins Richard Hong and Dennis Huynh, middle and high school students, respectively, who have consistently joined our Saturday kit assembly sessions while dropping off beautifully made origami for our cancer care kits. Check out their reasons and tips below for volunteering for Kits to Heart!

Kits to Heart: What made you want to start volunteering for Kits to Heart?
Richard Hong:
During the pandemic, SSL volunteering opportunities were scarce, but Kits to Heart was a good way to help others while staying safe. I could volunteer for a good cause while folding origami and making bracelets, which are fun hobbies.

KTH: How have you enjoyed helping with the in-person kit assemblies?
Dennis Huynh: With the kit assemblies, I enjoyed being able to work beside my cousin, Richard, while preparing bags of friendship bracelets, letters, masks, and kits. Working together during assemblies is always a fun time.

Pentagon rose origami bouquet made by Richard Hong

KTH: You both have made such beautiful origami, with Richard recently trying out the difficult Pentagon roses! Do you have any origami tips for beginners or those who wish to challenge themselves?
For the pentagon rose origami, you can use a pencil to mark where you should fold, as imprecise folds lead to uneven petals. A pencil can also be used to smooth out the inside of the rose when creating the cylinder. Another tip is to crease using your fingernails sharply to make clean folds since it’ll make it easier to collapse the model. When shaping the petals, be gentle and make rounded soft folds; otherwise, it could make the rose look unnatural or rip the paper.

Richard Hong's pentagon rose origami

KTH: What is the most special part for you when it comes to volunteering for Kits to Heart?
Dennis: Everything about volunteering at Kits to Heart is special to me. At first, I didn’t see how a few bracelets could help people, but as I made more and more and helped make kits, it allowed me to realize how much work and care went into these. By assembling the kits, I was able to give back and brighten someone’s day when they needed it. Knowing this made the experience feel all the more important to me.

KTH: What would you say to someone interested in supporting Kits to Heart?
Dennis: Know that what you do is supporting a great cause. You’re going to bring a lot of smiles to cancer patients and you’re going to give them hope for the future, knowing that the community cares and that they’re not alone. Engage in the cause as much as you can and don’t forget to have fun and make some friends along the way.


We are deeply grateful for their continued support! Learn more about how you can support those affected by cancer.

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