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This month, we are excited to feature Emily Lopez, a rising senior at Clarksburg High School in Clarksburg, MD. Emily has been applying her one-of-a-kind crocheting skills by making lovely bags, hats, and even an adorable elephant (see photo below) for our lucky recipients. She also volunteers regularly in person to help assemble cancer care kits on weekends. Learn more about her work with us below!

Kits to Heart: What made you want to start volunteering with Kits to Heart
Emily Lopez: When I first encountered the volunteering opportunities for Kits to Heart I already knew I was likely going to participate in some of them. It wasn’t until I started reading through testimonials from cancer patients who had received the kits and the goals of this wonderful organization that I concluded there was no way I wasn’t going to volunteer. I got some help from YouTube, my mom, and things just took off from there.

Kits to Heart Volunteer Emily Lopez's Crochet Elephant

KTH: You have participated in so many of our service opportunities, from assembling kits in person to crocheting the most beautiful bags and hats! What has motivated you to keep making these items for Kits to Heart? Which of the activities do you like doing the most?
There are two major things that continue to motivate me to create items for Kits to Heart. One is knowing that everything I make goes to people who appreciate it. The second is being able to add my own creative twists into everything I create. It’s fun being able to play around with colors, shapes, and patterns to make things more interesting for the person getting them. It’s really hard to choose just one activity that I enjoy more than others; however, if I had to choose, I’d say making crochet bags. I’ve come to realize that the amount of designs I can do go beyond what I initially thought.

Kits to Heart Volunteer Emily Lopez Crochet Process

KTH: What is the most special part for you when it comes to volunteering for Kits to Heart?
The most special part is being able to do something I enjoy while giving back to others in our community.

Kits to Heart Volunteer Emily Lopez's crochet doll

KTH: How have you enjoyed helping with the in-person kit assemblies? What inspired you to take on a more active role and keep coming back to help?
It has been a lot of fun being able to work with others who share the same joy of bringing everything together that will directly land into the hands of someone who needs it. Being able to assemble the amazing creations of volunteers from all ages and places in Maryland, and working with other amazing volunteers has motivated me to keep coming back.

KTH: What would you say to someone interested in supporting Kits to Heart?
EL: It’s OK if you don’t know how to sew, crochet, etc. There are many ways to help out! Remember everything you do, make, or give goes to someone who will appreciate it!


Keep up the wonderful work, Emily!! We are so fortunate to have such incredible support from passionate and talented volunteers like Emily. Please be sure to check out all of our service opportunities!

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