Volunteer Spotlight: Richard Montgomery High School

For the final month of 2021, we are excited to feature Kits to Heart club leader Joelle Lee, of Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville, MD!

Joelle Lee, president of Kits to Heart at Richard Montgomery High School

Kits to Heart: What is the most rewarding part of being a leader for your Kits to Heart chapter?
Joelle Lee: Seeing people with various interests and personalities come together at our meetings in order to help create kits for cancer patients!

KTH: What makes Kits to Heart stand out among the other groups at your school?
JL: We specifically have a focus on a certain group of people we want to bring smiles and solidarity to and get to see the positive impact we make.

KTH: What’s the most special part about bringing smiles and solidarity to cancer patients?
JL: Watching the club members dedicating their time and effort to this cause and seeing the special care kits bring joy to the cancer patients makes the volunteering experience even more precious and meaningful to all of us.

KTH: What does it take to be a leader of a Kits to Heart chapter?
JL: There is a lot of organization, creativity, and passion involved, and I have already learned many valuable lessons from being a leader.

KTH: What’s a common characteristic that you see among your fellow volunteers?
JL: They have a passion to help others and are dedicated, spending a big portion of their time making cards and other crafts for our special care kits!

Keep up the amazing work, Joelle and RMHS!

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