Volunteer Spotlight: Poolesville High School

To kick off 2022, please check out this interview with Kits to Heart club leader Sara Stanley, of Poolesville High School in Poolesville, MD!

Kits to Heart volunteers at Poolesville High School

What is the most rewarding part of being a leader for your Kits to Heart chapter?
Sara Stanley: As a Kits to Heart chapter leader, it’s been amazing to see how something as simple as a club chapter can bring students together to support a good cause and give back to the community.

KTH: What makes Kits to Heart stand out among the other groups at your school?
SS: Kits to Heart stands out among the other groups at Poolesville High School because our purpose is very distinct. By putting the time and effort into making handmade items for cancer patients, we are able to bring joy to a specific group of people in a unique way.

KTH: What’s the most special part about bringing smiles and solidarity to cancer patients?
SS: The most special part is knowing that we truly make a difference in the lives of cancer patients. All of the volunteers in the PHS chapter dedicate so much time to making items for the patients, which makes it a meaningful and valuable experience.

KTH: What does it take to be a leader of a Kits to Heart chapter?
SS: Being a leader of Kits to Heart takes dedication, organization, and communication. Most importantly, leaders need to have a desire and passion to help others. Personally, being a leader of the PHS chapter has involved me more in my own community and taught me many valuable lessons.

KTH: What’s a common characteristic that you see among your fellow volunteers?
SS: All of the volunteers are passionate, eager, and caring. They are always excited to spread the word about Kits to Heart!

Wow, keep up the amazing work, Sara! We appreciate you so much!

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