Volunteer Spotlight: Hallie Wells Middle School

Kits to Heart Club Chapter Leader Akanksha Rangarajan at Hallie Wells Middle School

It is hard to believe that we now have nine Kits to Heart clubs in schools throughout Maryland!! I am so excited to share this interview with our newest club, led by the amazing Akanksha Rangarajan. As one of our most committed returning volunteers, she has contributed beautiful friendship bracelets, keychains, inspiring cards, art journals, and origami for cancer patients.

So I felt especially thankful when she expressed interest in starting her own Kits to Heart club at her school and leading her fellow peers on our service projects! In fact, she is the first middle school student to lead a Kits to Heart club!

Check out what she has been up to in our Q&A below:

Kits to Heart: What is the most rewarding part of being a leader for your Kits to Heart Chapter?
Akanksha Rangarajan: It's really wonderful that I could see many of my peers and friends interested in bringing smiles and solidarity to cancer patients undergoing the treatment process. I'm very happy that I got to spread an amazing opportunity, to myself and others, for the great cause.

KTH: What does it take to be a leader of a new Kits to Heart Chapter?
AR: I believe that patience, responsibility, guidance, planning, and passion are what it takes to be a leader of a Kits to Heart Chapter. Responsibility is a major factor. Every time, it gives me lots of experience and helps me learn more valuable lessons from that.

KTH: What makes Kits to Heart stand out among the other groups at your school?
AR: Kits to Heart helps and supports a good cause, and it also increases teen cancer awareness. Many students support the cause by volunteering, and this could be the best place where we can spread positivity and make a difference in someone's life.

KTH: What's the most special part about bringing smiles and solidarity to cancer patients?
AR: We learned that we, as a group, can help make someone's day by dedicating our time and effort into creating cards and crafts for the kits that bring hope and joy!

KTH: What's a common characteristic that you see among your fellow volunteers?
AR: They're very enthusiastic, dedicated to the cause, and they have really great ideas and are very creative. Also very interested in spreading the cause to their friends and family, and they make really awesome pieces of work. I think the club's off to a great start! It's all thanks to KTH Ms. Sonia Su, the Club members, and our HWMS Kits to Heart supervising staff member, Mr. McGough. Thank you!

Thank you, Akanksha! We are so truly impressed by your work so far and love the photos you share with us.

Kits to Heart at Hallie Wells Middle School

Kits to Heart at Hallie Wells Middle School

Kits to Heart at Hallie Wells Middle School

Kits to Heart at Hallie Wells Middle School

Photos courtesy of Akanksha Rangarajan.

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