Sending Love to Cancer Patients

It is wild to see that more than 1,000 cancer care kits have been distributed to patients in 47 U.S. states and 10 hospitals since we started during the pandemic.

And while not every recipient shares his/her/their experiences with us, it makes receiving messages of gratitude that makes us feel gratitude.

This morning, I woke up to a Facebook post from Alex D.:

"Today I got a package in the mail. I have already cried 3 times since I received it, and I will cry more. Happy tears. Grateful tears. This package came from Kits to Heart. I'm gonna try not to ramble here, but I have to put it out there how much this meant to me. My soul.
In this package, I found letters of encouragement, handmade friendship bracelets, masks, origami, a journal, really nice makeup to help look a little more like myself, false lashes (mine are falling out. Chemo. This hit me hard too.), other things that are lifesaver with chemo: lip balm, hand and body creams, gentle soap, hand sanitizer, organic tea, snacks for strength and ginger candy for nausea, a new pill box, a really nice water bottle..... Okay I am rambling. But every single item put in this box was put there with love and care, so it's important. All of this? Was FREE.
I'm crying again.
I felt the love and I felt the care of Sonia and the volunteers at Kits to Heart. I felt them sending me not just items, but strength. They did all of this for me, someone they don't know. They do it all the time. So that, at the hardest point in a cancer warriors journey, we would have just a little more support and care.
Their mission is stated as this: To bring smiles and solidarity to those affected by cancer, one kit at a time. I'm almost done. I wanted to share this with my friends for two reasons: 1- I want yall to see there is good in this world, there are people who are trying so hard to help. And they do. Put kindness out there, you can make the world a better place. You can change lives. And 2- I want you to consider helping them. Make a donation today.
I can't imagine how many people have been helped by Kits to Heart, but I know I'm not the only one, and I know the more help they get, the more cancer patients they can help. And I know a care package does not cure cancer, but here I am, one girl with cancer, who feels a little stronger and more prepared in my battle, because of this organization. Donate and learn more here:"
Want to read more testimonials? Check them out here (and prepare tissues)!

*Edited for length and clarity, and shared with Alex's explicit permission.

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