Art for Cancer Wellness: Survivors Group

Facilitator: Bethany Masimula, MAT
Thursdays, 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM EST
Alternating weeks, starting June 30
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During this six-session biweekly art group, participants will explore the relationship between art and wellness by engaging in art-making, reflection, and journaling for mindfulness. The group will begin with setting an intention followed by time for expressive art creation to help participants recognize and explore their creative potential and emotional resources. Each session will provide time and space to tap into your inner wisdom and intuition through art. The goal is to deepen self-awareness, find balance, experience freedom, and play! All artistic skill levels are welcome in this self-care and creative practices class.

Week-by-Week Overview: Each workshop will be structured as follows:

Intention: Document how you feel, what you need, what your heart wants.
Make Art: Follow feelings and music in playful exploration of materials. Goal is enjoyment, movement is encouraged.
Witness Writing: Use art as a springboard to write a reflection. Spontaneously write without censoring: words, what you see, thoughts, feelings.
Referencing: Share artwork and writing with the group. Group will see and listen without commenting.
Closing: Guided grounding exercise.

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