Art for Cancer Wellness: Healthcare Workers Group

Facilitator: Connie Zabokrtsky, MA, ATR-P
Time: Thursdays, 4:30 PM to 5:45 PM EST
Frequency: Alternating weeks, starting June 30
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Workshop Title: Visual Voices

Workshop Overview: This group meets virtually every other Thursday throughout the summer for art-making, self-reflection, group discussion and mindful breath/body practices facilitated by art therapist Connie Zabokrtsky. This is a conversational and experiential setting where participants are gently invited to engage with self and others in processes of awareness, renewal, and affirmation. Arts-based inquiry and response experientials are designed to adapt to individuated self-narratives within a framework of session topics and themes. Each session follows a consistent structure providing a reliable continuity of process for participants.

Theme Exploration and Arts Experientials Overview: Participants will be encouraged to tap into body, mind, emotional, and spiritual elements of self with intention and curiosity about cultivating their own well-being. Over the six sessions, themes will include Balance, Boundaries, Connection, Perspective, Hold & Release, and Adaption. We will sequence themes as best suits the needs of the group in the weeks to come. Each session will begin with a check-in, guided breath/body grounding, a short, exploratory introduction to the session theme, individual response art-making, group discussion, and a session summary with suggestions for ongoing self-care art-making practice.

We will work with watercolor paint and pencils, mixed-media collage, colored pens, found objects, and digital photography. While sharing of artwork, personal reflections, and participating in group discussion is all voluntary, engaging in these processes is highly encouraged, as a practice of exercising our physical, emotional, and cognitive voices. This workshop is intended to provide a safe space for being and having witnesses to our expressive narratives.

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