Art for Cancer Wellness: Patients Group with Connie, Fall 2022

Workshop Title: Mapping Me
Connie Zabokrtsky, MA, ATR-P
Schedule: Fridays, 6 PM to 7:15 PM ET

  • October 7, 2022
  • October 21, 2022
  • November 4, 2022
  • November 18, 2022

In this biweekly workshop series, facilitated by art therapist Connie Zabokrtsky, participants will be invited to a safe space to explore and express self-awareness through creative process and use of art materials. Imaginative map-making will serve as a metaphor for exploring aspects of self that may need our here-and-now attention. This is a conversational and experiential setting in which participants are invited to share their reflections of self-awareness, discovery, and empathy. No art experience is necessary!

Week-by-Week Overview: While art-making content varies each session, we’ll follow a consistent practice of checking-in followed by guided breath/body work, introduction to the theme, art-making, reflective discussion, and closing thoughts. Suggestions for voluntary artmaking practice between sessions will be available as best suits the group.

  • NOTE: Art materials are provided. However, casual scavenging of collage items such as newspaper, magazines, string, thread, fabric scrap, and throw-away found objects is encouraged for mixed-media experimentation is encouraged. No stress!

Week 1: My Mind Stream
Beginning with stream of consciousness notes-to-self followed by art-making with materials of choice, we’ll map the flow experience and the thought/feeling elements we want to revisit.

Week 2: Yes, I Hear You
Following our guided breath/body practice, we will map specific parts of our body by giving them a visual voice and creating interpretive maps of terrain, topography, and connection.

Week 3: Paths and Journeys
We will work with torn/cut paper to chart autobiographical layers of our individual stories.

Week 4: Cancer in its Place
Using the physicality of art-making, participants will be empowered to render cancer and self in the context of space/place. We will conclude the session with time to reflect on artwork created throughout the series and consider alterations we might make to our maps given our thoughts and feelings on this day.

Fall 2022 registration is closed. Registration for the next cycle in spring 2023 will open in early 2023.