Art for Cancer Wellness: Healthcare Workers Group with Em, Summer 2024

Kits to Heart Art for Cancer Wellness participant artwork

Workshop Title: Altered Book Workshop for Healthcare Workers
Dates: Wednesdays, 7 PM to 8:30 PM ET/6 PM to 7:30 PM CT

  • June 5
  • June 12
  • June 19
  • June 26

Workshop Description: In this weekly four-session summer workshop series facilitated by art therapist Em Jones, participants will engage in the process of creative self-exploration through altered book journaling.

Each week, group members will be guided to explore their thoughts, feelings, and current experiences through creative themes and techniques with the aim of facilitating self-expression, increasing self-understanding, fostering hope and strength, and encouraging support in a creative and healing virtual group atmosphere. And facilitating arts-based coping and stress relief in a creative and welcoming virtual group atmosphere.

No prior art experience is required for this group—participants are encouraged to work within their own comfort and skill level. Please be mindful that this is an art therapy group, not an art class, and is designed as a supportive group with creative therapeutic processing.

Workshop Materials: Participants will be provided with an assortment of art materials, as well as a few assorted magazines to use for collage and a hardbound book to use for altering.

Participants are welcome to use any other materials they have available to them for this workshop, including finding their own hardbound book for altering. Participants will also be given a small notebook for writing.

Specifically, materials may include:

Week-by-Week Overview: Each workshop will be structured as follows:

  • Check-in and introduction to theme
  • Art-making & writing
  • Discussion
  • Breath work & closing

Week 1 — June 5: Myself, Right Now
Participants will be guided to explore and express their current thoughts and feelings through the altered book art process. During this initial session, participants will learn about altered books and start their own book which will be used for each of the following group sessions.

    Week 2 — June 12: Blackout Poetry
    Participants will learn to use Blackout Poetry as a tool in their altered book journaling process. Group members will be guided to process thoughts and feelings and practice arts-based expression and coping through the altered book journaling process.

        Week 3 — June 19: Storytelling
        Participants will explore storytelling techniques that may support their emotional exploration and process through their altered book journaling process.

          Week 4 — June 26: Change
          Participants will explore the concept of change and elements of change in their life through the altered book journaling process.

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