Kits to Heart loves its passionate volunteers! We currently offer the following opportunities:
In an effort to bring some joy to cancer patients, your work would be included inside cancer care kits that are distributed to patients throughout the United States. All current volunteer opportunities may be viewed here.

If you would like to participate in any of the opportunities, please email volunteer@kitstoheart.org.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: A previous opportunity has been deactivated. May I still send in the items?
Once an opportunity has been deactivated, it means we are unable to accept new volunteers. Those who had already signed up and are working on the activity should continue to do so and submit them whenever completed.

Q: Is there a deadline to send in the items?
Nope! As we plan multiple hospital drop-offs and are shipping kits every week, please take the time needed to craft, collect, and send the items. We welcome returning volunteers who are able to contribute on a regular basis.

Q: How should I deliver the items?
Two options: mail or drop off. Please email volunteer@kitstoheart.org for the locations. Feel free to place the items in a box or a bag with or without your name, and let us know whenever you are ready to deliver the items.

Q: Do you have specific requirements?
We are quite flexible with what you can create and make it easy for anyone to help with the cause! Once you email us to express interest, we will provide samples of messages, artwork, and/or step-by-step instructions for you to use as inspiration or to copy directly. We also offer easy-to-follow origami and mask tutorials for beginners!

Q: Can I make the write the same messages on all the cards?
A: Yes!

Q: I don't have card stock or origami paper. Can I use the paper I have?
A: Of course! While card stock is best and origami paper would make it easier for you, please feel free to use what you have on hand.

Q: Are my children able to participate?
A: Yes! All are welcome!

Q: My handwriting isn't the best. Can I print the artwork/messages?
A: Yes. While handwriting tends to be more personal and meaningful for recipients, we also value your efforts in creating digital art and messages.

Q: Do I need to submit photos of me completing the activity?
A: No, but they are welcome! We receive a lot of interest from students who seek service hours for school, but as long as we receive your items, we can help to verify hours.

Q: Whom should I contact with more questions?
A: Please email volunteer@kitstoheart.org.